Living through My Purpose and Living throughout the Promise


The unknown has always left me curling my toes and gripping the platform of life so tightly

I believed that if I just remained still, rooted and grounded, I would be safe

I allowed other to be thrust into the brilliance of sunbeams

But somehow, I always found myself there

As we have been taking the Gospel to the streets, in this new Civil Rights Movement, my husband and I have participated in many smaller marches, with people unknown

One such gathering turned into a march down a South Side street, and as I attempted to move out of the organizers way, somehow I was at the front-even as I shifted several times, there I was

I suppose humorously this has been a reflection of my life these past five years

This year slowly, at least in the here and now, is beginning to bow from the stage

This journey has been bittersweet

I continued this path and purpose the Creator has placed me on

Sometimes with tears

Sometimes with joy

Always full of questions, wandering and wondering

Watching the horizons which seemingly have rushed up to meet me

Watching those who this part of the journey is over, lift their hands in sending and with their love

Hearing one voice sooth me over all of the rest, a gift from the Creator

the knowledge that beyond my journey, there is an adventure waiting

wordle change transformation 2]

For now, I cradle the gift that the Creator has bestowed upon me,

delight in it

study it

wonder about it

be content with it

this purpose of sharing my witness

carrying with me the Gospel

to flood the streets with the Creator God’s unconditional love for all of us

Lape Bondye


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