Ferguson, Revolution and Reconciliation Simultaneously-No Peace, but Making Things RIGHT

“Christ is to be found, as always, where men are enslaved and trampled under foot; Christ is found in the suffering with the suffering-

                                                                                 Christ is in the ghetto-

                                                                                                                                     there is also His Church.” 

Dr. James Cone

The Holy Spirit, fused in the Creator’s Word, continues to influence who I am

The Wisdom imparted by the Elders, influences this role and purpose that God has given to me.

There is a Transitioning that is brewing and stirring within my soul.

As Bonhoeffer states “When Christ calls a man or woman, Christ bids them to come, and die.”

In order for me, as a child of God to live into this mission and ministry the Creator has blessed me with..

that within me which holds me back, must cease to exist,

In order that those places in my spirit which exist in shadow, may be filled with the Light and Love of the Creator

So it has been sometime since I have posted here, as my Internship ended and my Seminarian life continued fluidly once more. In the interim, my heart and entire being has been traveling down to Ferguson; my spirit has stood among hallowed ground, where an innocent 9 year old boy whose life was robbed by human hands; my being has knelt before the Cross overwhelmed by what has been given to me, and the responsibilities that I must live out.





It seems that in everything that I have seen, the Church has forgotten Her place and What God,Our Redeemer gave Her Stewardship over.

It’s also interesting that those whose duty it is to shepherd the collective flock of humanity, speak of actions to be poured into the community outside the Church’s doors but, apparently delaying the response will always mean, NEVER.”

The Church of the Oppressors are too enamored with this world, with politics and economic gain, to stand along the side of the poor and the oppressed-

Just as the risen Christ has always done.

“Law and order, is the sacred incantation of the priests of the old order..

and the faithful respond with votes

higher police budgets

and Gestapo legislation.” 



The Church of the Oppressors is the AntiChrist

they go against what Jesus Christ has called us as people of God and of Faith to do

“The Church has been guilty of the gravest of sin of all-the enshrining of that which is immoral as the highest morality.”

It is also interesting that, as one of my classmates observed

the Oppressive Church and its infected people who have denied us as people of Color

our humanity,

As much as they claim they are Christians..

and they cling to Jesus Christ

they have denied who God is

because God is Black

Jesus Christ is the Liberator

The oppressors struggle and worry and speak that God is dead


The Creator lives on in the Voices and throughout the Life Blood

and in the Spirit 

of the poor

and those of African descent

and of Latino/a descent

and the Ancient Tribes of this World

and the First Peoples, the Native Americans

and the hungry

and the forgotten

and the homeless

the dejected, the misunderstood

those who hung on the cross next to Jesus

who heard him say

“Truly I tell you, you will be with me this day,

in paradise

beyond the Veil

Embraced by the Creator

eternal, whole, healed,