Stay Woke-An Advent Journey

What holds us,

From being active witnesses,

Living out our purpose

Our role,

In this Advent season?



Perhaps your Pastor does indeed sound like a broken record,

Always pushing us to the edge

Shouting with JOY,

Like Auntie Mame-

“You gotta LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!”


Prodding at you

Just as the Holy Spirit prods at me,

To leap into the unknown

To fling open wide the doors

Immersing ourselves in healing Light

Freeing those boundaries between who we are,

And Creation,

So that we are able to do ministry!

Of living into our being that creative instrument

Participating in reforming,


The beloved community of faith


And as we approach this,

What seems like an insurmountable feat,

Of engaging an ever changing world,

Sometimes we falter

Our knees buckle,

We fret about failing,

About our own brokenness being a barrier,

Our imperfectness as an excuse


We find ourselves

Shutting the doors,


Back into the safety

And security

Of comfortable places,

Where we are not forced

Or even have to face

This new dawn,

And all the troubles of the world

Weaved into it.


Most often,

The only place of escape from reality sometimes,

Are our beds and bedrooms.

For me,

My bed was my sanctuary,

Weeks after experiencing a heavy loss in my family,

Of my Grandmother.

I found myself coming home from classes,

Crawling into the bed.

Who hasn’t done this?

After having to be out in this fragmented world,

After working in places where you really didn’t want to be

Left unfulfilled and drained,

Fighting the recklessness of traffic,

Bombardment of commercialism

It’s no wonder,

We identify our bedrooms,

As a source of comfort,

A place where we can shut out the world


It’s no surprise then,

We find ourselves here,

In this place

Sunday after Sunday,

Trying to shake off the violence of the world,

Because we as humanity fail to see

The Light of God,

That shines in one another


That we come here for answers to the confusion,

Confusion about who we should be serving,

Confusion about who is our neighbor,


That we come here for clarity about greediness,

Because we have an addiction to the things of this world,

Human made, trying to replace that which we cannot see

Or hold onto,

Because it’s the only thing that makes sense


That we come here

Searching for answers about subjugation,

Of peoples

Of Creation

Of everything that humanity perceives is weak,

Simply because we feel we have that right,

Simply because somewhere down the line,

Someone substituted “domination” for “stewardship”

In our relationship of this Earth.


It’s no wonder,

We confess,

This place,

At the foot of the Cross

We are on our knees

We are crumpled underneath covers


We should not feel any shame,

To lay at the feet

Of the One,

Who defies Death

Of the One

Who pushes back the darkness

Of the One

Who calls to us


Jesus Christ.


Follow me,

Jesus says,

Our of your places of slumber

Out from places of uncertainty

Out into the transformed light




Of Love.


 “ know what time it is,

how it is now the moment

for you to wake from sleep.

For salvation is nearer to us

now than when we became believers.”


Our brother in Christ Paul reminds us,

In his letter to the Romans,

That he was not addressing real time,

But eschatological time

When God’s Kingdom

Will be the new reality

And that deep within us,

We have awakened,

Therefore we cannot exist any longer as children

who have the ability

and the freedom,

to hide,

Hide from a shattered world seeping out


Sin of ignorance

Sin of selfishness

As if this is not a part of our daily existence

We can no longer feign innocence

In not knowing

In disregarding

The damage

That the sins we commit

Against our neighbor,

Against the stranger

Have done


We cannot neglect no longer

Those outside the city gates,

Outside gated communities

Trapped inside poverty,

And despair

We cannot just pull the cover over our heads,

And wait til morning,

And wait until the rapture

And hope that God won’t come into our space,

Yank back the covers,

And call on us,

To be a disciple of Christ,

To get our hands and feet and whole selves immersed

In God’s Work

“Keep awake therefore

 for you do not know on what day

your Lord is coming.”

And we hear this Gospel,

And wonder where is the Good News?

What Good News is this,

If we always have to be watchful,


That we are charged then,

To face the suffering that humanity continues to pile

Upon one another,

To crawl out of our places of comfortability,

Pull back the curtain,

Allowing the Light of a new Dawn,

To stream in

Owe no one anything,

except to love one another;

 for the one who loves another

has fulfilled the law;

Love does no wrong to a neighbor.”

We are waiting,

Waiting as an impatient people

For Jesus Christ to come,


We are waiting,

Not for the promises apocalyptic nightmare,

But the coming of the Kingdom of God!

Because God promised us,

Never again,

Would we be wracked by such floods,



God promised us,

A new heaven

A new earth

And for the Creator to walk with us,

And for we, as God’s children,

To be in communion

With Jesus Christ,

Whose birth we wait for

Because suddenly,

The world as we know it,

Will change

God has not forsaken any of us

Because of LOVE ETERNAL.


Thanks Be to God.