Marching, Protesting, Singing, Preaching, Living, Breathing, Being

Some thoughts after the solidarity march last evening here on the South Side of the City

How the march began. How do we begin to correct the systemic issues that have plagued our neighborhoods and how do the police repair the relationship that they should have with our neighborhoods?

Ironically we marched through neighborhoods who have been suffering from no economic stability, no education opportunities, and a society who sees them as 3/5th of a person, a monster, a thug.

Now can you understand and show some empathy?


Moment of Silence, or Perhaps Not: EAD

Solitary confinement is not what you see in the movies.

It is not a place of solitude and serenity.

It is hell

Sleep deprivation

Noise pollution


When that door of this depiction of this cell was open,

something in my spirit shook.

Suddenly my surroundings of normalcy of this huge conference room where this cell was

I wanted to cling to it.

Because the inside of this cell, bothered me, even if it wasn’t all real


this is reality for millions of people locked away.

If you call yourself a Christian, and don’t feel moved to action and to justice

I have no words. 

Traveling and Moving: A Weekend at Ecumenical Advocacy Days

Why exactly would I disrupt these last three weeks of my Senior M.Div journey, and come to Washington D.C.?

#EAD2015 that’s why!

More importantly, because incarceration is the ugly elephant in the room.

As People of Faith, we stand firm on the side of those who have been hurt..

but what about those who have hurt others, and in serving their time…are brutalized through violence, unjust violence..instead of transforming their lives so that they never misuse their communities again?


No Words

There are no words, because my spirit is restless and angered

 photo 4 (1)

How can my soul remain calm and lifted up in prayers

 when each moment, the ugliness of this world seeps into my very being

How can I remain cupped in the Creator’s hands

when there are those who falsely claim they are Christian

spew their hatred

How can I keep silent,

when all I want to do is make them suffer

while I am holding the broken body of a sister or brother in Christ

whose dying heartbeat is the drum that keeps us grounded

it is through our sacred blood, the Ancestors call command


that we do not forget them

photo (4)

and so I refuse to be respectable

Especially when you refuse to respect My People

Proud, Divine People

Beloved of the Creator

Children of Mother Africa

I will not be silent.

I Thirst

I am Thirsty


Jesus’s Words rattle in my mouth

I am Thirsty

Our collective voices sputter, aching for relief

I am Thirsty

Our throats are parched, from the sins in this world

Forcibly poured down our throat


We are thirsting

We remain rooted to the brutal roughness of a dying Earth

Waiting for the rains to refresh the bitter, sour tastes

Of hatred

Of ignorance

Of suffering

Of apathy

Of prejudice

Of death


There is pain etched into our cracked features

As our eyes ascend to the Cross

As we watch You perish

And where You are still weeping

Because instead of the empire with the nails cradled cruelly in their hands

It is we, humanity, who hold these weapons of destruction in our own

It is we, humanity, who mock you


We don’t recognize our own shadows


Dancing, scornful, jeering


In the dying embers of the day


Demeaning those who bear scars

Rope burns


Because their presence is a reminder

Of the sins of their fathers and mother


Do you not see?

Contaminating Creation

Spilling out the sacredness of Life

Because their lives are deemed not worthy

And only good for consuming


Can we not hear?

Of bodies being broken under the weight

Of pain too heavy to bear

Mocked because they refuse to remove the Cross

Because they refuse to discard the stories

Of those society shuts out their ears

Ridiculing what the Beloved Savior taught

Loving one’s neighbor

Your neighbor

Your Black neighbor

Your transgendered neighbor

Your homeless neighbor

Your oppressed neighbor

Love your neighbor

Yes, love your neighbor who can’t see the need for justice

Who is apathetic

Who passes laws to deny one’s humanity

Who refuses to shatter the bubble

Who refuses to share the Peace

Who stands in the pews,

On the street

Mocking us

Because we remain rooted to this earth

Beneath the Cross

Because we cradle the forgotten in our arms

Because we shelter with our bodies those that have been abused


Because there is nothing we can do

To comfort Jesus upon the Cross

There is nothing in the abyss of our souls

Those wells have run dry


Contaminated with the water that runs along our journey

Water that is cloudy, sour

Choking the Life out of us


Jesus too, drinks of this water-

Tainted and soiled with sins and mixed with the agony and sorrow of this world

Flooding, washing, immersing back into and over humanity

Pouring out, over this Creation



God wept for God’s Son

As the evil, the negative, the darkness of this world

Danced with jubilation

As Christ’s life faded on the Cross

God has wept for God’s People

As the evil, the negative, the darkness in this world

Claims dominion over Creation

As our lives too, seem to fade

Because we are searching for God


But God hears, and God sees


And God sent God’s Son

To reclaim what is GOD’s

US, Beloved!

Remember the pain of the Cross

And Believe in the Resurrection

And the Presence of the Risen and Beloved Savior.

Thanks Be To God.