Life, Insanity and the Meaning of Change

FELC 2013 Intern

Blogging sometimes can be a blessing; the platform to express ourselves and cause shifts in the atmosphere of change, of challenge of questing and dwelling and to watch something that we have cradled and called forth into fruition can be awesomeness. It is also a way of expressing our struggles, our pains and our joys especially when the community that we have been immersed in disperses and evolves into a different mosaic each time. 

So too, does the Gypsy Woman evolve: shattered from a simple one dimensional glass pane and reborn within a cornucopia of flames more complex and yet breathing full of the Holy Spirit.

When I started this blog I spoke of the beginning of the end and that end was the inability to give birth to life.

Yet that was not the end.

Within my heart and throughout my very being is the capacity to give birth to a new life for a child whose lost on this earth, in this world without parents or a supportive community to nuture them.

When I started this blog I spoke of the beginning of the end and that end was a transitional one out of my Seminary community, unsure of where I would go for Internship.

Yet that is not the end.

Life began to reverberate in my consciousness in January when the realization hit me that Internship Interviews were now a part of my reality. That the descent into a different atmosphere slowly was coming into view.  Life began to blossom into the reality of the sunrise when during the excitement and joyous worship and fellowship, our dear Dr. Billman blurted out to those gathered that I would be doing my Internship in Texas-one day before my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ would stand before living waters and peek into that tomb as one of the Seniors preached and professed a prophetic word to us. 

That, was no accident; God My Creator, my Father knew my soul had been weeping.

Life now swirls around and beyond me, beckoning me towards those beautiful and challenging mountains of Austin, Texas where I will serve a congregation to the best that God has called me.

So in the meantime, there is chaos: Chaos in the finishing and swimming through the choppy waters of the end of the Semester; Chaos in buying endless totes to pack up our Treehouse-things to go to my Mother’s house and things that will come with; Chaos in figuring out the logistics as my daughter finishes up high school and college beckons; Chaos as my husband and I mind meld at where the best neighborhoods and schools are for our son. Chaos within my heart as I must place in God’s hand family members that I worry about and friends that I shall miss.

Yet, this Gypsy will dive headlong from her perch into the transforming power of Water below infused, infected with the Word of God.

Celebrate with me this journey-because this is only the beginning.

Lape Bondye, God’s Peace.