In Search Of

Grace and Peace to you as we people of faith, continue in this season of Resurrection and Hope, thankful for the Gift from God, Jesus Christ Our Risen Savior and Lord, Amen.

 What is God to you? What brings you closer to the Divine Creator?

(Pause and then wait for a response. If none, jokingly tease out an answer from the congregation by saying, No seriously this is participation here. Repeat question and see what kind of answers are given)

Here’s another thought:

Does God remain unknown to you?

(Pause, for responses)

That perhaps is a question that can’t be answered in this moment, because maybe as people of faith we are still struggling

To answer this honestly

If you were here a month or so ago,

these pews were almost filled with many people

who were able to answer that

Because for them, God is unknown

Or perhaps the question they would offer is

Where is God

And because of knowing that their hearts were heavy

And fragile

Like Paul among these Athenians

We as people of faith are called to extend hospitality

Because we have the understanding

That we are rooted and created from God

That we live and move and have our being

Grounded in God

And we also empathize

Because in moments of vulnerability

We too, felt abandoned by God

Especially along this journey called life.

Perhaps more people would feel at ease

If in our bulletins there was a disclaimer

That stated this:

 “This sermon offered information based in part on the theological

And well, guesswork

The preacher purpose is to attempt to suggest something

Because quite frankly they too, are searching for answers

To the mysteries of God that we as a body of Christ, will examine


A friend of mine however, has a very limited, different view

Of Humanity’s questing for God.

In a Facebook post this week she made a condemning statement

That anyone who questioned the existence or doubts God

Or wandered off onto the beaten path for God

Was foolish!

Perhaps she missed the point of Paul’s mini homily

In our Acts text this morning.

Perhaps in her Pentecostal upbringing

She has not had the opportunity to read Luther who says

In the Third Article of the Apostle’s Creed

“ I believe that I cannot by my own reason

or strength believe in Jesus Christ my Lord,

 or come to Him”

More foolishness, right?

Perhaps it would be shocking for her to know

That we as sisters and brothers in Christ

Are just as confused

As we strive for an end of the separation from the Divine

For all of our collective, global intelligence and philosophical wisdom..

Humanity’s soul still struggles for fulfillment and an end to an aching hunger

Even while God’s Word is clearly carved out in Creation

As John 14:18 says that “I will not leave you orphaned.”

But foolishly, childishly we still continue to dig our hands

into the sands

Going In Search Of….



Surprisingly Paul exudes the example of hospitality here in Athens

As he teaches the Athenians gathered before him, curious, hungry

Of this “unknown God’s” open door policy

Because as God, Our Creator cast us out

God’s Door remains wide open

“So that they would search for God and perhaps grope for him and find him

But God, that’s a cruel game of hide and go seek!

No wonder the Athenians filled every nook and cranny with representations

Of Who God was for them

There were idols created for gaining desire, and shunning away strife

Objects dedicated for connection in Dreams and attracting Affection

Objects worshipped to drive out Deceit and Death

Deities uplifted representing the Moon and the Heavens, the Seas and the Earth

For Prosperity and for the Home

What idols do we see in our own lives today?

What seems to cling to our souls?

When we too, as a part of this global community

Run to when we are confused, sacred or seeking comfort?

There are those within humanity

That are huddled closely to forts that boast

Mighty weapons of war and weapons of protection

There are those within humanity

Who cannot bear to tear themselves away

And finding them immersed in the mesmerizing, bluish glow

Of the shrine of 24/7 technology

There are fragments of humanity who continually

Find streaming in and out of the temples

Where they are able to consume to their hearts delight

Filling their coffers and their closets


In the stillness when we are besides ourselves

There hangs above the abyss a longing

Continually overflowing

An barrenness that seemingly will never be blessed


So our lips continue to be parched

Our throats persist with dryness

Our bodies weary with the journey

But we miss the obscure little sign along the side of the road

Leading to a small place of rest and respite

Where “they would search for God

And perhaps grope for him-

Though indeed He is not far from each of us”

And just as perhaps that isolated, dusty altar

That took up space somewhere in an undescriptive building in Athens

“To an unknown God,”

So too, do our sacred places of community worship

Our churches become ghost towns


“I see how extremely religious you are in every way”,

Paul recognized being in the midst of the Athenians

That their hearts were exposed

That etched into every statue, temple, and object

Everything engaged in their daily lives

Was the yearning to be whole

By the power of God

These words from this Scripture too

Pinpoints in us today

Because of the reminders of the emptiness that this world can only offer

That leaves us aching through our own pain,

Our sorrow

Our longing to be made whole

By the Grace and Mercy of God

For clinging to the physical nature of guns,

There is a desire for security and safety in the arms of the Creator

For obsessing to be connected 24/7

There is the need to be intertwined closely to the being of God

For wanting to be surrounded and have access to anything and everything

There is a necessity to absorb the very essence of God Our Creator

Within ourselves

So that we find peace.

We as people of God sometimes feel abandoned in this world

We need to know that when we cannot find our voices

When we reach out

Needing comfort, security, fulfillment and love

That it will freely pour down upon our very being

What God appear as, or what God’s voice sounds like

May always be unknown to us as people of faith

But God’s Love is not

God’s Word is not

God’s Promises are not

And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate

To be with You Forever.”

What Good News!

God created us to live and move and have being

We are from God

And so is our risen Savior and Lord

Jesus Christ

The Good News of Jesus Christ is that although Christ is not physically standing in our aisles

Or sitting in our pews

Or hanging out with us in our homes

He is here

We find Him at the Table

In the Bread and Wine

In the Body and Blood

And the Good News is that the risen Christ

Sends among us and within us

Filling those places which are empty

The Holy Spirit

has called us through the Gospel, enlightened me by Her gifts, and sanctified and preserved us in the true faith.”


That no matter how much we foolishly question

Or blindly search

Jesus Christ will meet us along the way, at the crossroads

No matter whether our faith is rock solid

Or whether we are still wondering and wandering

“I will not leave you orphaned, I am coming to you.”

Thanks Be To God



The Gospel of Truth

Grace and peace to you as we people of faith, continue to journey celebrating the resurrection, witnessing of the gift from God Our Creator, Jesus Christ, Our Risen Savior and Lord. Amen

Have you ever wondered how powerful words are-

That formed in the shape of a poem

A story

A Scripture

Reduces us to shameless weeping?

I must confess that there was some difficulty writing this sermon

Not because you could find me wearily hunched over my desk

Or holed up in my room

With commentaries and Greek Lexicons

And text study ala Skype

But because these words from Jesus Christ

Rattled the depth of my soul

Because of the questions that have been stirred

Because of my faith that has been shaken time and again

From the outside looking inward

We as children of the Creator

Appear to the rest of the world and to each other sometimes,

Rooted and grounded,

Confident and unshaken in our Faith

Proclaiming the power of God’s Mercy and Grace.

But we, my sisters and brothers in Christ

Confess in secret sacred spaces

That sometimes we are troubled in our hearts

That we are fearful of uncertainty

Because of the world mercilessly launching stone after stone

Landing where we stand

Bruising our very being

Wounding our very belief

And so we find ourselves curled into a ball

Trying to protecting ourselves from the very thing that threatens to pierce our faith

My brothers and sisters in Christ, there are so many things

That we could name

That reside in our hearts and in our minds

That can tear at the very fabric of whom God has created us to be

And yet there seems to be one common element

For us as humanity

Our collective fear is the finality of death

For us as people of faith

Our greatest question is the finality of death

And so this John 14 text is shared in those moments of loss and mourning

And as we continue to struggle along our faith journey

Those in the world who are lost in their own disarray and disorder

Bombard us from either side with painful words

Chiding us for our child-like faith

In belief of life ever lasting

But somewhere along our journey we hear these words from our Gospel of John text this morning,

“In My Father’s House…”

These words stood as an affirmation to the disciples hearing the teachings of Jesus Christ

And shakes us to our core

That what He has proclaimed

And what God, Our Creator has assured

That we will be welcomed home.

That in God’s House, where God’s dwells

God’s Love is endless!

God’s Arms to Hold Us, are endless!

The peace which passes all understanding, is endless!

Jesus shared with His Disciples

“And if I go and prepare a place for you

I will come again


What Good News!

What we would not give to have the opportunity

Of being in the presence of Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Lord in that moment

Even as His disciples gathered before Him

must have recognized the validity and the finality of His Words

And knowingly struggled between confusion and sorrow.

Just as with Dr. Martin Luther King’s Mountaintop Sermon

Before he was assassinated

This was Jesus’s final discourse.

And even as they had been witnesses to God’s Work

To Christ’s miracles

They were human.

They were filled with anxiety

The disciples were doubtful, not seeing the pathway that Jesus Christ had already formed for them

The disciples were blinded, not seeing the reflection of the Creator God before them in Jesus Christ

And so Jesus Christ declared to them

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

God’s Word hovers and travels out through the cosmos

Reflected back at us in the illumination of the night

Remains there as a reminder

That Because of Jesus Christ and of His sacrifice

That Death is NOT THE END

That in this LIFE, right now We Have HOPE


In this LIFE WE are called to LIVE not just for ourselves

But as an EXAMPLE of God’s Unfailing LOVE


That who Jesus Christ is, is Good News for our troubled hearts!

We beloved, are in good company

Because we are just as anxiety-filled as the disciples were in that moment

Because the complexity of God’s Word is cast out

And so therefore it lands at our feet

And gathering it close in our hands

The weight of what God’s word means

And the heaviness of the reality weights in our palms

and we cannot fathom how to translate God’s Word for God’s World

We are called children of God, called just as Jesus’s disciples were called

To share God’s Word

Yet we are at a loss of proclaiming Christ Crucified for all of God’s Creation

Because we stumble over the Scriptures

No one comes to the Father, except through Me.”

Wait, Jesus…we have questions.

We can’t profess that to our neighbor who is Jewish

To our co-worker who is Muslim

To our spouse who is Buddhist

To a stranger, who because of Christianity doctrines, rules; these laws which have been mangled in humanity’s hands

has left them in pain, wrung out empty!


To our friend who shouts at the top of their lungs

“A-HA! See? What kind of merciful God are you worshipping?

Who only offers salvation if you are a card carrying member?”

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

There are no restrictions, no limitations on who the risen Christ stands for

That is Good News

There are Scriptures who seemingly breathe new life because of what we as children of God are reminded:

All things came into being through him..What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.”

Jesus gave of His Life so that through Him was created the beloved community here and now

So that we as people of faith raise our voices for those who are hurting in our community

and those ostracized outside of our community by the world

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life

So that we, as people of God a time are empowered through the Holy Spirit to courageously speak truth when our neighbors are facing dire situations in this chaotic world

We as people of God have the strength because of who Christ is

To stand with the stranger who hides in our doorways, crumbled and  pleading for help;

Because we are of the beloved community, because of the power of God’s Word for all of Creation

We as children of God are called upon to stand firm and close the wounds of injustice torn apart by those who are misguided by greed

And yes, Jesus gave of His Life so that Jesus creates an everlasting, eternal place for us-

Not for some, not for those of a certain Christian denomination,

Not for the chosen people


The Good News of Jesus Christ is that God knows,

God understands

God walks with us in our struggles

Sometimes God’s Word comes to us, in those times when we need to hear it clearly

When we have wrestled, doubted and worried

God’s Word surrounds and fills us up

When we have been disappointed and abandoned by those in this life

And the reality of God’s Grace rattles our souls

Remaining with us, reducing us to joyous weeping

Because In My Father’s House

There is Peace, There is Love, Forevermore.

Thanks Be To God.

Living out the Beloved Community, Post Script

Your Friendly Neighborhood Vicar interviewed on TV #BBOG

If we are called to advocacy ministry, then we should emerged from the abstract bubbles and raise our voices. This rally, while many feel this hashtag of #BringBackOurGirls is worthless, calls to attention that our community is just not local and our children in the village just don’t include our neighbors. There was a good, small showing..and the TV station that was there initially wanted to interview my husband, the photog who is also apparently, camera shy. So he threw me on the front lines.

So my voice and my words were captured and broadcast on TV last night?





The Beloved Community

Grace and peace to you as we, people of faith, continue this journey in this Easter season

Rejoicing in the resurrection of the gift from God Our Creator, Jesus Christ our risen Savior and Lord.

Our goal is to create a beloved community,

and this will require a qualitative change in our souls

as well as a

quantitative change in our lives.”

Dr. Martin Luther King’s words challenge us from across the cosmos

About how important koinonia (COY-NO-KNEE-A), the Greek Word for Community,

is to the fabric of our very being and existence.

What images are called to your thoughts and mind

hearing the word “Community”?

One such example that resides with me include some friends of mine

Larry and Kate, a pastoral couple.

Larry is an Episcopalian priest, deep and scholarly

His wife, Kate could be an evangelist in her own right

Besides her infectious personality

The Holy Spirit exudes within and throughout her

When she speaks, her language is

Grounded in what the Resurrection of Jesus Christ means

And what that holds for the wider, unknown community

beyond the church doors.

They worship at 5pm on Sunday evenings in a shared space,

But they also exist together in a sacred place

Because this community lives together 24/7

Larry writes on his Community’s webpage:

Following the example of Acts and nearly 2000 years of ascetics, monks and nuns, we turn aside from the individualism and self-reliance of the world, resolving to hold real property in common for the purpose of service to Christ in, though, and for the Church and the world…

It is almost insulting to say that their koinonia (COY-NO-KNEE-A)

is seen as countercultural

Or viewed as nothing more of a hippie commune

Or labeled as abnormal

And unfortunately, the brick and mortar church where they were sharing space

Apparently skipped this Acts text in the lectionary

Because they refused to understand

These teachings gathered from the apostles

All who believed were together and had all things in common.”

As people of faith, because we proclaim Christ crucified;

because the risen Christ stands as the gate between

God’s endless, unconditional love, mercy and grace

and what lurks in the complete darkness, encompassing evil,

We as God’s children can live life abundantly,

and live it as community.

But if the Holy Spirit is absent from koinonia (COY-NO-KNEE-A),

then why are we surprised

when the collective community

outside our church doors

flees from our presence?

There are vast numbers of the modern Church


Professing to be ingrained in the Scriptures

But missing the teachings that had earlier been laid out by Peter

The core of this ancient community was being immersed in the

Holy Spirit

Earlier in Acts Peter urges these ancient women and men,

Who were new to this spiritual practice called “The Way”

Who sought comfort and commonality

Who wanted to continue to be close to the presence of the risen Christ

Repent ( change the inner self! To change one’s purpose, to be open..)

and be baptized…and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

These ancient followers gave up of themselves

To the power of the Holy Spirit

How delightedly frightening it must have been

To be touched by the Holy Spirit

And through the Holy Spirit,

Who they had been, died

Submerged in water and flame

And  so koinonia (COY-NO-KNEE-A) became just as essential as breathing

And so there was this experience of freedom

Because through the Holy Spirit

They had an understanding

Of living life abundantly

And not for themselves

Dr. King lamented this

Stating at one time how the Church changed society

That it reflected their spiritual ancestors

Raising its voice to challenge the status quo

Caring for those who had been discarded by this world

Living their collective lives abundantly

But as King passed by churches along his

Civil Rights journey

He had to ask himself questions

What kind of people worship there?

Who is their God?”

Dr. King’s questions echo in our own time and seem relevant

Or perhaps they can be further fleshed out-

“Does this community foster healing and hope?”

“Does this community make anew a part of the world, so that people are able to rebuild their broken lives by being welcomed at the Table?

“Will this community invite us in to participate

In God’s work of transformation?”

We as the First English community can without fail, answer honestly, yes

Even as we, as sisters and brothers in Christ

Continue to grow, learn and struggle together

I can say this because every time I am asked about my internship community

My answer is that the Holy Spirit is HERE

Do you agree, people of God?

If so, say Amen!

The Scriptures are clear about koinonia (COY-NO-KNEE-A)

But what of the deeper challenge that we as people of faith

Must be rooted within who we are?

They would sell their possessions and goods and distribute the proceeds to all

As any had need.”


This ancient body of Christ, these cloud of witnesses

Understood and did not falter from being the village

That not only raised up one another

But made it possible for all to live life abundantly.

For some of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ

This challenges and invades their individual identity

And disrupts the balance that many people of faith

Strive to have in this world

Because this means that the village, sometimes erupts

Into a cornucopia of colors and chaos.

My friend Larry continues to define Acts this way for his community,

“We seek an economy of mutuality and the sharing of personal wealth and talents for both the common good and personal development,…..We come together sharing real property and other goods so that, through the joining of individual resources for the sake of the community, individuals may have not only what they need….”

The Good News of Jesus Christ is because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice

Upon the Cross

We as a part of God’s Creation

Have the Freedom to live an Abundant Life

Because of what Jesus has done for US

We, in turn, serve as gatekeepers

For our fellow brothers and sisters

To stand between the ability of them enjoying LIFE

And being forgotten, cast out, abused and dying

Living life abundantly means living for one another,

 sharing of our testimonies and of what the Creator freely gives to us-of the bread and the wine,

the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Thanks Be To God.

In memory of the unknown sister, fellow child of God

Grace and peace to you from God Our Creator, and from His Son, Jesus Christ our risen Savior and Lord. Amen

 In sharing fellowship last week with Shannon’s family over a meal,

I was thankful to have gotten the opportunity to hear the stories about her sister Jennifer,

because I did not have the opportunity to meet her myself.

But I did not have to know her to have the understanding that she too, is also my sister in Christ,

We as people of God are continuing the journey of this Easter season,

and of the resurrection of Jesus Christ,

So we proclaim that since He loved us

and that we in turn should love one another,

We are bonded as brothers and sisters in Christ and in Faith

And in these times of struggle, pain, sorrow and grief

we reach out to one another.

We as this community reach out to our sister Shannon and her family

…because there are no words..

Than can express anything of substance when death comes suddenly

And throws our entire existence into chaos

And our soul is left to question exactly, Why?

Deaths such as Jennifer’s are hard to bear

And we come into these sacred spaces broken,




We cry out, Why?

And we wonder where is God?

There are no easy answers for the cloud of witnesses gathered here tonight

It would be meaningless to stand here and offer words that would only place a band aid on your collective pain

The only thing that I can do as a called child of God to this ministry

Is to offer to some and remind others

What God’s Promise is for all of God’s children

Because the Good News is, God knew and loved His child Jennifer….

Already aware of the abundant, radiant life that she led.

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Jesus Christ, in our Gospel text this evening reminds the disciples

And us

Of the connective relationship God has with God’s People

It is because God cared for the people of Israel as a shepherd…

Protecting them

Guiding them

That they were able to live an abundant life.

So then Jesus Christ, the son of God both to his disciples

And to us today, proclaims

“I AM the Gate.”

                   Not as a barrier to separate those who are worthy

From the “unworthy”

But to protect us from the thieves of this life….

The part of this world that attempts to deny and rob us from the presence

Of God, Our Creator and Healer

That which would attempt to surround us in darkness and negativity

Feeding us lies to bruise our spirits

That because of who we are or how we loved…or what mistakes we may have made…or that we didn’t do everything right

That we are not worthy of standing in the eternal, radiant, abundant, redemptive light of God

But this is why the risen Jesus Christ stands

And declares “I AM”

                                      And reaches out and cradles us protectively


And proclaims

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

And because of His promise, this is what Jennifer did

She lived abundantly

She loved abundantly

She gave of herself to everyone she came in contact with, abundantly…

Sister, daughter, beloved, niece, friend…

This was who she was….

And the Good News of Jesus Christ is that because Jesus Christ gave of Himself

For all of God’s Creation, every one of us.

We too, can live abundantly…

But it is hard, right?

Because our sister Jennifer is not here with us….

But Jesus’s message of living abundantly rings as truth

So we, too must live abundantly

In Jennifer’s memory…

By loving and caring for those whose voice may not have the strength to ring out against the injustices of this world

By being in community with one another and with the stranger

By participating along this winding journey of life with a sense of purpose

By simply brightening someone’s day just as Jennifer would have done.


We as people of Faith continue to celebrate this Easter season

Knowing that because Christ has indeed risen

And the Good News of Jesus Christ is

Because of God’s Promise to us, through Christ

To never leave us

Nor forsake us

Christ has lovingly reached out

And cradled our sister Jennifer

And we know that she continues to live

Eternal life


Thanks Be To God.

“Walking to Emmaus”

Grace and peace to you as people of faith, we continue this journey renewed in the hope of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Lord. Amen

 But we had hoped..”

Where do we find ourselves along the road to Emmaus…

And are we surprised that our own frustrated voices are reflected back at us

In the question of these two faithful disciples….

Because, seemingly nothing has changed

For 40 days we have delved deeply into Jesus Christ and His words

For 40 days we have gathered reflectively lighting candles

Writing prayers

Invoking the Holy Spirit in this place

Invoking the Holy Spirit’s presence wherever we traveled

For 40 days we have poured out of our hearts and minds

To one another

In the quietness of sacred spaces

even in social media

with snapshots of our lives mirrored along the Lenten journey

Or words of wisdom, mini devotions emulating of a meditative way of being

Weeping may last for a night

But joy comes in the morning

Or does it?

Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection was supposed to be the transformative catalyst into the world.

As a little girl growing up in Chicago, the sense Easter held for me…

…was in that moment

Everyone would cease looking inward

…and in that one day, Easter Sunday….

People of faith, humanity itself would begin to look outward at Christ’s   image imbedded into one another

And so every prayer, every vial of incense

every footstep along the labyrinth,

every foot washed, every sin absolved

Everything that we do to celebrate the risen Christ

Is to shift the atmosphere…..


The stains of despair and doubt, of destruction and of death

Still cling to this world

 Despair in the inequality of tribes and peoples

Not having the basic needs or the freedom to live

Doubt in the collective, corporate leadership of nations

Whose leaders refuse to abide by the creeds they have sworn to uphold

Destruction of ancient lands and of ancient creatures

Who have been swallowed in an abyss of greed and gluttony

Death that steals away from us the very innocence of lives

Throwing our entire existence into chaos

What difference has Jesus Christ’s sacrifice  impacted into this world….if death seemingly still has dominion?

Feasibly this could have been the tone of the conversation by these two disciples

Along the wild road of Emmaus

  Earlier in Luke we hear of the joy as these disciples, possibly part of the seventy

Had been a witness to the power of Jesus Christ

Lord in your name, even the demons submit to us!”

These disciples had been empowered to go out

To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ among their brothers and sisters

And now, they wander along as the road unfurls before their footsteps

Not understanding

Because this path, this following of Jesus Christ

Pouring their hearts into this mission and ministry

Has now floated aimlessly down a decreasingly drying riverbed

Straining out what their hopes had been emotionally



But we had hoped that he would be the one to redeem Israel.”

And hidden from their sight, this stranger’s response to them is harsh..

Oh how foolish you are and how slow of heart….”

The Greek word for heart is kardia, meaning

The heart, inner self, will…

                                                                          the center and seat of spiritual life

Oh how foolish you are and how slow of….


In one of his sermons, St. Augustine seems to echo these words

O my dear disciples, you had hoped? So now you no longer hope?

                                               Look Christ is alive! Is hope dead in you?”

Christ is indeed alive, but sometimes this world can rob us of all hope

Leaving us dazed and confused

Emptying from our core

Our Faith

To where we are withering, waiting,



For something of substance to fill up within us those places

That cry out for healing and wholeness

And God hears that cry

And the Good News Is..

Because God loves us no matter whether our hearts are overflowing

Or whether we are running on empty

God, Our Creator shares with us Jesus Christ

His sacrifice of body and blood

In the bread and wine

At the Table

This is why EVERY TIME the people of God gather

To hear the Word of God

To be filled with GOOD NEWS

My sisters and brothers in Christ

All of us, should be at the Table

It is here that we are reminded what Jesus Christ shares with us

No matter who we are

Or even how we struggle with doctrines

It is beneath this cross

That we are one, united, the same

Receiving the Gift of Life

The Good News of Jesus Christ is that Christ meets us along the roads of our journey,

With the purpose of reviving and renewing, with sharing the resurrected glory

When we need it the most…

Because we come to the Table, broken and thirsty

Because we are slow of heart, of faith

Because 239 young women are missing in Nigeria

Because over 200 young adults were lost in the seas off of South Korea

And nameless, faceless lives are lost in an economic desolation all over this country

And because we have lost a loved one so tragically…

And we are lost, because we don’t think that our voice matters

But when Jesus Christ meets us on that road

And shares with us FREELY of HIMSELF




RENEWED in our Faith to go…

 Run and tell that-

Every yoke is destroyed

Every chain is broken

Our worship and our praise is shifting the atmosphere

Till the heavens are open

This praise is shifting

Shifting the atmosphere 

Thanks Be To God.

And So It Begins

And So It Begins

This is confident, non-preaching day me…..

………..And then Life happens……

It’s week 2 beginning of my 12 week journey as Solo Gypsy Preaching extraordinaire…

But illness and fever for two days…for chaos in the office…..

For death who ignorantly interrupted my “normal” work week flow….

Thankful for all of you who are following this blog and my journey through internship…

Thankful for the reviving, renewing Holy Spirit saving power to get me through…

And now back you your regularly scheduled sermons….

In peace, and God’s Love,
The Gypsy Woman