I am Not my Hair…I am a Warrior

photo¬†Before the transformation, before the crossroads, before the Light of God and the community of Faith…

photo (2) After the transition, after the revealing, after the affirmation, after the beginning of a new journey

I recently stated to those in my community and throughout that once we had received our Regional Assignments in the ELCA that I would shorn my locks-but this was more as an dedication and affirmation to the life of my Grandmother and the shift in my extended Tribe of who I was no longer. I no longer stood in awe and held her hand as the child I was…

I now had a responsibility to the woman she had raised me to be.

Interestingly enough these past couple of weeks in my Constructive Theology course we have been exploring Theological World archtypes-where we actually reside and what that translates into for our personal and pastoral identity.

Initially, to me it was dated material by someone who was not of color. What was the importance, I questioned. How would this assist me in the fight towards injustice and for advocacy in a congregation. I grumbled.

But subconsciously as I allowed a good friend to cut my locks of 13 plus years, I realized I was shifting into this Warrior mode. In this Theological World Two, the author Jones writes “The demonic is the unseen faceless energy of destruction, which causes dread, whether through violence, disease or death.” For this journey and for this calling, I am doing battle with the demonic which seems to have gripped us as a people-because we refuse to embrace one another as bonded to the Creator, we refuse to see the reflection of Christ, the Resurrected One in one another’s faces, we ignore the sacred humanity and breath that is immersed and empowered throughout our being by the Holy Spirit.

So perhaps this Theological World mumbo jumbo has some teeth, after all.

So just as warriors before me , I have bowed and submitted to the will of the Creator, to shine and to be…

marching in the Light of God..

Lape Bondye