The End of An Era

It seems that the season of mass exodus is upon us,

And this time, we are a part of wave after wave 

Seven years, three apartments, one degree and immersed in sacredness,

Will there ever be a time when I am not enfolded into Creation

What awaits me?

Will my heartbeat echo always here?

In this community?

This week, my family and I said good-bye to an enriching and nourishing community of faith; a place where for seven years, regardless of what courtyards we were a part of, our children could be just that. Where we literally knew everyone around us; where community was as intentional as humanly possible.

I wish everyone could experience this.

I wish that communal living was not seen as something hippie or twisted.

I will miss the Seminary Community as a seminarian.

As an Alumni, there is so much more to give and I am thankful for the transformative role

that only the Creator can give, and has, to me.

So now,

Onto the next!





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