And now for something completely different: #decolonizeallthethings

Do ya’ll realize who I am?

Did you forget?

Are you that blind?








Possessed by the Holy Spirit


Christ centered

Ancestor driven

My question is

Why is my Church

Scared of Me?


Scared of How I dance with the Creator

Demanding that I strip painfully

Who I am

And put on an ill fitting spirit


Labeled Assimilation

Call yourself Christians

When you refuse to follow Christ

Into the ugliness

The Abyss

The Darkness

Where you dumped the beloved community

Where you pushed us into oblivion

Out of the light

That you thought

You deserved

Instead of me

Child of God



My body Sacred

My body a reflection of Christ

Not a reflection of dogmas


Which we cling to

Instead of our Faith

Instead of the FIRE

As the Holy Spirit Burns

Burns away everything

That keeps us from


Burns through classrooms

Burns through the hatred


That we heap on

Oppress through

In classrooms?

Nothing is safe

Nowhere is safe?

Why does my Church

Expect me

To forget ME?

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Original poem

My poetry may not be understood fully but this is how the anger pours from my soul. I have chosen, and the Creator chose me to be here in this moment, serving, preaching and proclaiming the healing power of the Gospel and doing what the Risen Christ has commanded. Loving one another goes beyond people’s comfort zones and it means that we have to be intentional about how we live out our faith, publicily; it mean marching into the places of privilege and flipping that table, disrupting the norm and not evermore being silent about the pain of those whose faces reflect the Risen Christ.

This is what we hear in our Seminary Chapel services, when the Gospel is proclaimed so I am amazed when suddenly congregations get angry that the Gospel IS being proclaimed and infuses within who we are as seminarians and suddenly we can’t shut up and we can’t stop pushing the boundaries and demanding change, and we are public witnesses. We demand that worship reflects the entire community, and that our theologians we study and discuss come from every walk of life and that the Seminary, as it professes that it is Lutheran, actually leap off of that cliff, following the Holy Spirit and DO.

That is what it means for me to #decolonizetheSeminary.

We are not all









Upper Class


To decolonize the Seminary means:

That my Seminary, LSTC finally had to address the white privilege and the racism that had affected so many people of Color over the years, making their experiences a living hell in this place that was supposed to be this beautiful bubble-but dripped poison all over them as it bursts.


In my Graduating class, I was the only Woman of Color.


People are excited by my presence and how I will continue to evolve into my Pastoral Leadership.

But are they? Really?

I refuse to be quiet or silent.

That is what #decolonizeLutheranism means

Acknowledge our presence as beloved children of the Creator

Acknowledge that this world is %(%^(^ UP

That Christianity has been used as a weapon to oppress and dominate

That Lutherans refused to do anything in the annihilation of bodies


Of Brown, Black, of Native, of Aboriginal, of Ancient

Of Hurting, of Imperfection

And now,

Because the Holy Spirit has smashed the perfect glass around you

And you are standing bleeding

You are feeling for the first time

And you take those first steps

Towards Justice

Towards Love

Towards Righteousness

Towards Peace.

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