What Does It Really Mean to Be Lutheran? – Rev. Drew Yoos, Mission Development Pastor, Light of the Cross Lutheran Church; Bothell, WA

We Talk. We Listen.

ThomasLindaIn a sure and glorious sign of the Holy Spirit at work, #decolonizeLutheranismbroke onto the scene just a few days before LSTC’s Sacred Conversations on RaceThese two forces, thus combined, found their way into the mind of LSTC graduating senior, Drew Yoos – soon to sErving his very first call at Light of the Cross Lutheran Church in northwest Washington state. Coming from a rich, German American Lutheran heritage, he writes with poignant humility on Lutheran identity in the US, and gives a healthy reminder that the Lutheran confession is a global phenomena with globalvoices,and that if conversation between these many voices and tongues of Pentecost were good for the disciples, they will be good for us too. Please read, comment, and share!

“What does it really mean to be Lutheran?”

13226994_10153411300190213_7796207805168199536_n.jpg (image credit: Rev. Jason Chesnut.)

We know from the recent #DecolonizeLutheranism movement on social…

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