Funeral Sermon of Catherine Postema

Grace and Peace to you,

My sisters and brothers in Christ

In this time of loss,

Of Sorrow

Of even, anger

Anger at the Whys

Anger at God,

Know that the Creator carries you,

Weeps with you

Enfolds you with a love that never ends

And a Light that shatters the darkness,

Reminding us,

Death is not the end,

Because of the One who comes

With Forgiveness and Mercy

And Grace,

Jesus Christ our Risen Savior and Lord.


 Good morning.

I bring you greetings

from your fellow brothers and sisters in Faith of my community

Of Redeemer Lutheran Church, in South Holland


Where Catherine and her family,

were faithful members.

Know that as you mourn,

So does the Redeemer community,

And where, in our midst

You are always welcomed.


I am always thankful for the opportunity

to share the Gospel with you and with everyone

Whether you are a follower of Jesus Christ

or whether you struggle in your faith-

Know that you are loved, and beloved of the Creator God.


“Blessed are those who mourn,

For they will be comforted.”

The experience of death,

When it rudely and obtrusively comes

Is heart wrenching

Sometimes we find ourselves,



At a loss about which direction we should go,

And what we should do in this moment,

And how we should feel

Because these emotions that flood forth,

Complicate and intrude into the normality

Of our lives

We are almost forced

To come to a standstill

Meanwhile the world continues its journey,

Life flows

And all we want to do,

Is simply stand in life’s pathway

And exhale our lament

“How can you continue on?

Don’t you know what’s happened to me?”


And even when those in our lives,

Those who have made an impact,

Or wisdom we could always rely and lean on,

Or whose presence was a constant in our journey

When our elders,

Are gone

It’s not any easier

Or that it doesn’t hurt any less

Especially when it is our Mother,

Because we all have this unrealistic expectation

That our Mothers,

Our Grandmothers

Like Catherine,

That they are always supposed to be that constant

In our lives

That we look forward to the mundane,

Of picking up the phone and having conversations

Sharing our news and joys,

Driving to visit,

Bringing cards and gifts and our love,

Pouring back our love,

The love and wisdom they have given to us

Simply because, right?

Simply because somewhere in our lives,

The gentle unraveling of a mystery,

Of why

Blossomed and poured out before us

As we were carried among the faithful

Gathered to hear words of comfort,

And the promises of a peace,

That surpasses all understanding

The promises that the Creator God gives to us

In and through God’s Sacred Word.



His presence brought crowds,

They were drawn to Him

Because of WHO HE WAS

And Is

Jesus, The Son of Man,

With every step,

Shook their lives

Freely teaching,

Freely healing

Bringing HOPE

Bringing GRACE

Bringing MERCY

Regardless of who they were

Those crowds who were gathered,

Were the forgotten

Those who were considered weak

Because of health,

Those who were tossed aside,

Because those who were in power

Who had status

Discarded them as useless

Those who were unable to do something,

Or whose righteous anger

Because of how they were treated,

How could they be treated


So harshly

By their own people?

And when they attempted to raise their voice,

To speak out,

Because they had heard God’s Word

They were laughed at,


Until all they could do,

Was weep,

And ask God,

Plead to God



But Jesus brings them Good News!

The Good News that they, among all others

Were truly LOVED

That the Creator had not forgotten about them,

And that who they were:

Those who struggled in their faith,

Who wrestled with the idea of God,

Because life had been so wretched-

That the Creator would Bless them,

Both now, and forevermore

That those who, even in their poverty

In their economic struggles

Tried to do for their neighbor,

And the stranger

That the Creator would Bless them,

Both now and forevermore

Those that leaned on their faith,

Even when life seemingly pushed them to the side

Especially when we cry out to the Why-

Why now,

Why our beloved Mother, Sister, Grandmother

Why did she have to suffer ailments,

Why God, why

Jesus Christ comes to us,

Just as He has come to so many,

In the midst of suffering

In the midst of pain,

In the midst of sorrow

And calls us, Blessed

Because the Good News of Jesus Christ is

This is NOT the END.

Jesus Christ,

Because of His Sacrifice

Shattered the dark abyss of death

We will never have to remain there

Because Jesus Christ is not there!

Jesus Christ stands before graves, and tombs, and resting places




This is the everlasting promise

This is the covenant God makes with us

Through Jesus Christ

Because of God’s UNENDING LOVE

For US!


But that does not mean,

That death,

Let’s be honest

Just plain sucks.

That does not mean

We can’t be angry with God

That we feel personally attacked

When death comes

And robs us

Of those we love.



We are not alone.

And neither was Catherine.

In those moments

Catherine closed her eyes to this world

And The Risen Christ called her,

Called her from that pain,

And she opened her eyes,

To a New LIFE






Catherine, we will miss her

But we know,

She is at peace,

And our covenant with her

Bound together with the Creator God

Is to continue living,

Caring, loving, doing for one another

Just as God has called us

And Christ has commanded us to.

Thanks Be to God.



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