Alleluia, Christ has RISEN!

Grace and Peace to you Beloved!

The Stone has been rolled away

The Tomb is empty

Christ has RISEN!




The world is off balance,

In one soul shattering moment

The heartbeat of the cosmos stopped-

Because as any grieving Parent cries,

The Creator surely cried out

As God’s Son gave of Himself

For all of Creation

And suddenly the hierarchical, oppressive order in this world

Which ruled, and trapped, and chained people

Who searched and followed and called out for liberation

This world collapsed

The ideas and lies

That this life is all there would ever be,

That there was no hope,

That God in Godself didn’t care about US

Was destroyed

Reality shifted,

The realization of who Jesus Christ is, was

And remains to be

Became the new norm

Anything and everything that attempted and blocked us

From being with the presence of the Creator God,

Was demolished.

Mass confusion,

Because what God had been proclaiming forever,

Through prophets

Through dreams

Through Jesus

Has come true,

God created a new covenant,

Through Jesus Christ


At the end of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ

Satan is seen screaming,

Because he’s been denied

Jesus, as his prisoner

The place of Sheol,


Was suddenly invaded,

Pried open

And Jesus Christ walked through those gates

The risen Christ was lifted up out of a place of abandonment

An abyss,

Informing that darkness where light never penetrates

Where evil festers

An existence of torture

That death was not the end,

For God’s Creation

For US beloved

We come from the Creator

Born in sacredness

Gifted with God’s breath of life

Emerging in this world through waters

Therefore we




Therefore we,


And the Cross,


It is a symbol of paradox

From death,


From condemning

To Restoring

To Living!

How amazing!


So many people today mock us

As people of Faith

For this Cross

Why would we proudly wear a symbol of demise?

But they just don’t know

Why would we have the Cross etched on our heads?

Because, we proudly have been identified



Why would we believe that the dead can be raised?

Dead is dead, right?

They just don’t know-

And this is the work we must do beloved!

It’s Easter Morning,

The Gospel must be TOLD

The Good News must be SPREAD


Haven’t you wondered how astounding it must have been

When Mary.

Mary Magdalene


And all the other nameless faithful women

Came to the tomb,

Found it EMPTY




“Why do you look for the living,

Among the dead?”

And when these disciples of Jesus,

These women,

Run back to the community

Proclaiming the Good News,

But these words seemed to them an idle tale,

and they did not believe them”


Leros, in the Biblical Greek means idle tale,

Leros happens to also be the root

Of our word, delirious

Crazy talk, from these grief stricken women, right?

Jesus raised from the dead?


No one shouts Alleluia when they hear the Good News

No one says, “I knew it!” or sings praises to God

Even now,

Do we.

Hearing this Good News of Jesus Christ year after year

Shout with joy because we know,

Even in our weeping,

Our lamenting

Our vigil at the foot of the Cross,

Sunday comes

Bringing the Resurrection

Turning our lives upside down

Because God came and disrupted our lives



And with GRACE

Or do we just go through the motions,

Because this is what we are supposed to do,

We struggle with the reality of Resurrection power

With so many lives,


We grapple with the reality of Resurrection power

In the midst of calamities

We hear the Gospel proclaimed

Jesus is raised,

But where is He now

In the midst of tragedies

Newness of life is impossible

Peace in this life is momentary

In this sacred space perhaps we experience the Resurrection

But outside those doors,

The world seems dead!

Dead, unmoving, lifeless, listless

It’s hard sometimes sharing the Good News,

We refuse to leave those tombs of heartache,

Of worries,

Of fears

Of doubts

The world refuses to leave its tomb,

Because the Resurrection turns its reality upside down,

They are stunned,




But then,

The Sun Shines,

And we hear clearly hear God calling US

Out of the TOMB

Out of those places where (word/line)

And because of Jesus Christ-

We know death is not the end

We know that the kingdom of God is here,

Right here

Even through the muck, and the garbage and the unbelief

And the sarcastic and scornful reaction

When we stop people and say


“Jesus is RISEN!”


(inviting people to baptism, to come out of the tomb and to be filled with the Holy Ghost Resurrection Power)

Thanks be to GOD.


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