The Absurdity of God

Grace and Peace to you,

My sisters and brothers in Christ

No matter how we feel foolish

Sharing the Good News

We should never ceasing praising,



Because God never gives up on us

And Sent us God’s Son,

Jesus Christ


How absurd is the Good News?

Can we share that the Kingdom of God is here,

That the Creator and Redeemer God loves us so,

That God sent God’s Son

To walk among us

To be us

To understand the frailty of the human spirit

And the struggle that drives us

In this quest to be loved

To be counted

To be heard

Remember the homework that I gave you?

To share the Gospel read


Challenging us to dig deeper and to shatter those barriers

How many of you were able to share the Good News,

The Good News that is right here

With your friends and neighbors

(Come on, let’s see those hands! Wait for the laughter and pause)

And when we are unable to share the Good News,

Is it because our spirit is poor-

Or perhaps the knee jerk reaction

Of our sisters and brothers

Is poor?

“Don’t tell me that Jesus died for our sins,

That Jesus forgives us,

Humanity can’t even begin to forgive!

What forgiveness are Christians actually living out?

All I see is remnants of a God who has forgotten God’s people!”


All our brothers and sisters in Faith, in Love, in Challenge see

Is the raw deal this life overflows us with-

The devastation and brokenness of where we live

The destruction of relationships and community

between those who love

The damage that illness visits upon whom we love

And so we seek comfort in the Psalms,

“Because you have made the Lord your refuge,

The Most High your dwelling place,

No evil shall befall you,

No scourge come near your tent.”

But Jesus,

We have done what you have asked-

We have lived my life,

And still, we are fraught with worries of living,

Worries about how we can make this economically,

Worries about how we can make it out the door

Without someone taking their rage, their anger out on me

Worried about how we can dispel the stresses

That smother my very being

How can we God, carry out what you have called us to,

When we are worried that they can not see the reflection of YOU

In ME?

And sometimes, even these Psalms,

The words fall from us like stone

For He will command His angels concerning you,

To guard you in all your ways”

Where are the angels, Lord?

Where is my protection, God?

Have you forgotten your suffering servant?


“Jesus we have left everything,

Given up everything

Denied ourselves the comforts of this life,

Turned down status and wealth,

And followed you!”

Peter’s words haunt us from before

and now how absurd are these demands Jesus hears

In our Gospel text

“We want you do to whatever we ask”,

echoes from the disciples down to us.


How bold!

How ridiculous, we say, to ask Jesus of this-

When Jesus asked of the disciples

To follow Him

To go into those places where people sat curled in corners




If God could not see the good in their hearts

And only recognized them by their sin and shame

The disciples did not want to tread where Jesus walked

The disciples wanted something in return for their service

And we, beloved


Are you able to drink the cup that I drink

Or be baptized with the baptism that I am”

Can you go into those places of pain and hurt?

Can you bear the anger and the discord?

Are you willing to serve and suffer,

Knowing that I suffering alongside you?

Knowing that the Son of man came not to be served

But to serve,

And to give His life a ransom for many?

For all of Creation?


How absurd,

Through an instrument of torture,

Would come Freedom





How absurd that we as followers of Christ

Cling to the Empty Cross

As a sign of God’s Promise

Empty because JESUS IS NOT THERE

JESUS steps out from the shadow of DEATH


The Risen CHRIST stands with us in our suffering,

Our sorrow, our agony


How absolutely absurd

That God would love

A ragtag, grimy, forgetful people such as us?

That the Creator cradles us, as the fussy people we can be

When we are unaware of the whispers God fills us up with


When our journey blossoms into fruition

It is in those surprising moments,

We find ourselves firmly rooted in our faith

Not apologetic

or afraid

to share

the power and the concreteness of the Gospel!


We may sound ridiculous,

Of believing in what we are unable to see-

Of proclaiming that one man bore the weight and the sadness

Of the Cosmos

Who died and was resurrected

But the Good News is,

God sees US

God believes in US

And God gives US



And even more ridiculous,


With GOD



What will you do with your life?

What will motivate you to be that

Suffering servant?

Thanks Be to God.


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