What the World Needs Now, Is Love Sweet Love: A Wedding Sermon

The Wedding of Alicia Dailey and Jacob Hinkle from 1 Peter 4:8-11…

Grace and Peace to you

My sisters and brothers in Christ

As we struggle to love one another selflessly

Just as the One Who Loves Us

Because He gave of Himself

Out of Love

So that we might Live,

Jesus Christ

Our Risen Savior and Lord,


What the World Needs Now

Is Love, Sweet Love

It’s the Only Thing,

That there’s just too little Of-


Do we hear the conviction in this simple song?

Do we hear the truth, reverberating back out to us?

Because sometimes we don’t listen to the Word in our Scriptures

Which clearly are giving us a Commandment to Love

And so we have to be reminded about Love in other places.


When this song came out, it was 1967

There were struggles in our society about love-

About loving our neighbor

About having compassion for those

Who regardless of who they were

About seeing,

More importantly the reflection of the Creator in their features


What the World needs know

Is Love, Sweet Love

Not just for some

But for everyone.

The sad truth is that over 50 years later,

We still have not grasped this notion of Love.

We continue to struggle in our global society about Love,

We are so immersed in this strive to achieve things

Or success

Or status

We are so stressed out about how this journey of Life

Becomes so rocky and perilous

We have become so individualistic and self-absorbed

We are blinded to the pain and suffering etched

On those faces of fellow sisters and brothers in Christ

And in Faith

Walking right past us.

We are so wrapped up in proving ourselves right

Proving we follow the rules and regulations,


To the Letter

And somehow that proves that we are worthy

And righteous

That we forget to have compassion for those

Whom we have the ability to reach out, and embrace

To stand alongside them when they are broken

To raise our voices, reminding those who refuse to Love

Of what our calling has been given to us, about Love.

Because it is only through forgiveness and compassion

That we can truly be in community with one another

As we were created to.

Who are we,

To keep an account of one another’s sins

When we conveniently forget the sins we have committed?


And that’s one of the biggest mistake we make

In our relationships, in our friendships, in our marriages

We find ourselves unable to love those

We hold dear

Or those we pass the peace with

Because our love is lacking in compassion,

In understanding

In forgiveness

In Mercy

In Grace

Jesus Christ came among us

And taught us

That we were to love one another


If God can love us at our worst

At our clumsiness

At our imperfections

At our foolishness-

God loved us so foolishly,

Even when we as humanity over and again

Turned away from the Love of God,

God transformed something so ugly

And destructive

Into a symbol of RESURRECTION

And gave us HOPE




And so we are reminded of that Love

And so wherever we are,

We have the power of spreading that Love

Until our world is infected with the Love that comes from God

And that’s what you both are called to,

Jake and Alicia

You are both Children of the Creator God

You are called to love one another

And share that Love with those around you.

Now, I am not saying there will not be days

When you struggle to love one another

Anyone here who loves someone so deeply

That they pledged to share the rest of their lives with

Can attest to that


Never, ever walk away

Go to sleep

Ignore a text, an email

Because you are not feeling the love

Remember why you Love one another

And when you do forget

Those here gathered around you on this day of Love

Will embrace you in Love, Mercy, Grace

And you’ll remember,

That this world needs love

And it starts with each one of us.

Thanks Be to God.


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