It’s been challenging to say in the least 

these past couple of weeks

Existing as a human being in places that are hostile to who I am 

as a child of the Creator

painted in beautiful hues of brown

sparkling jewel

overwhelming to know that some people are blind seeing God etched in the lines on my face

and so, searching for sacred spaces where I can breathe and be is the new normal

My soul has ached, wept, cried out and been angry

My spirit shows the scars from being in the midst of the battle

Where can I find solitude, serenity and peace

with those who do see Christ clearly staring back at them, with love

from my eyes?

Where is the place where my ringing voice for justice be welcomed?

Where can  I learn from those whose words, songs and language are different from mine own

in so many ways?



Clinging to the Holy Spirit..

o s


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