The elephant in the room: Racism and the Theological Journey to Transformative Justice

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Post Graduation, this should be a time for celebration and for relaxation,

but perhaps ministry isn’t meant to remain calm in still waters.

With everything that has transpired 

and the struggle continuing

there is the opportunity to live out the movement of Pentecost

Below is thworkshop that I will be presenting at my Seminary’s Leadership conference

“The doctrine of justification does not mean our exemption from the Christian’s responsibility to serve others, rather it is our insurance of such service” Dr. Rudy Featherstone, Theology and the Black Experience.

With regard to the social unrest in our world today, those who are attending Seminary or Divinity Schools have the freedom to be immersed in an academic bubble where more often than not, the worries and sorrows of the world rarely seep in. However, as people of faith travel from different paths into these sacred spaces, we do bring baggage with us which sometimes comes in the form of racism. Racism, which is an ugly word, is shoved into an abstract thinking process and relegated to a horrific action that happens “out there” instead of recognizing that racism poisons even the greatest of minds. It has the capability to be formed theologically to justify why we, as sisters and brothers in Christ, do not necessarily follow Jesus Christ’s directives about loving one another as we love ourselves and failing to recognize that all lives are sacred. Through the viewpoint of the Theology of the Cross, via theologian James Cone and others, we will explore ways that our theology can begin to eradicate racism. We will start with ourselves and some of the baggage we bring and look at how we can begin to transform our classrooms from the abstract to the practical, showing how the public church witness can aid in the holistic healing of our troubled Creation, community by community

Follow the #EracismSeminary during the Conference June 16-18


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