What Side are you ON?

So, this happened on my Seminary campus


but then again so did this


What I am expressing is that Life can be raw and ugly or overwhelmingly joyful.

In these last days of my Seminary career our campus had to deal with the fact that someone in our community apparently was sick and tired of hearing words like


or how it was important to have conversation, understanding and prayer for such places as

download 150424074028-01-baltimore-protests-0424-super-169

And so the community stood at the crossroads between the blindness of togetherness, 

and the blinding reality that the sin of racism stung our vision of what we perceived  as a perfect, beloved community

But amidst this, the collective sigh of righteous anger permeated our souls

And so change is going to come

And  the Seminary is public with its pain and sorrow and determination

to heal from its sin

working towards a model of anti-racist and anti-oppression

indeed a long journey of reflection and action

and I am proud and thankful

and so therefore

I could celebrate

IMG_0322Blessed now with finishing my Master of Divinity

standing at the crossroads of the  Academy 

and the Prophetic

awaiting a call

but knowing that the fight for what the Creator ultimately wanted for God’s creation



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