No Words

There are no words, because my spirit is restless and angered

 photo 4 (1)

How can my soul remain calm and lifted up in prayers

 when each moment, the ugliness of this world seeps into my very being

How can I remain cupped in the Creator’s hands

when there are those who falsely claim they are Christian

spew their hatred

How can I keep silent,

when all I want to do is make them suffer

while I am holding the broken body of a sister or brother in Christ

whose dying heartbeat is the drum that keeps us grounded

it is through our sacred blood, the Ancestors call command


that we do not forget them

photo (4)

and so I refuse to be respectable

Especially when you refuse to respect My People

Proud, Divine People

Beloved of the Creator

Children of Mother Africa

I will not be silent.


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