Transformed in the Dying Embers of Lent-The Draft Commences!


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Ash Wednesday was a bit of a distraction yesterday in many of our lives…

Ash Wednesday humbly reminds us of what our submission to the Creator should be

as we kneel in the dustiness of the Earth

Five years prior during the ending of an immense Summer, I found myself in this familiar space


Because this journey lay ahead of me, and I shed those clothes of comfort

for ones of ordinary

Five years later, I found myself in this familiar place


Because the ashes across my forehead reminded me of how the Creator has carried me throughout this journey

And yes, how this journey was now just the beginning

In our hands were white envelopes

Draping myself and my fellow Senior M.Div’ers in new clothing

Transforming us in that moment with travelers to a destination

Steeped in the Holy Spirit

I wonder do those who were at the table a few days prior understand

your encouragement of us into delving into everything theological

has sparked the spirit of discipleship that can not be quenched?

That we are called to set this world aflame?

With the Good News?

Do you understand I will not preach just about selfish salvation?

But that I will challenge those who have been sleeping,

To be AWAKE?

My call to this ministry and mission is as a footstep follower of Christ

I refuse to be silent

Your protests, hesitancy, grumblings, unwillingness will go unheeded

The Church must CHANGE

This world must HEAL

and I shall march in the Light of the Most High

Proclaiming, Preaching, Living

Bonded as a community of faith in that moment, we opened those envelopes telling us where we would go. There is still some mystery as we wait for Synod Assignments, there is still much to be done..

but my journey is renewed.

Lape Bondye


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