Hi. My Name is Kwame….And I am Grieving


Ever emerge from the beauty of the hearth

only to be immersed in a fog that although transparent

clings to your very being

and even as the sun breaks and splashes down around you

the wisps of this fragile fog still remains,

wrapped beneath your hair?

This is what perhaps I have been experiencing these past few weeks and not realizing what it was


In the chaos of papers, projects and leaping through that final hoop of Approval

I’d come home and binge watch DramaFever and Anime on Hulu

I would retreat to the sanctity of our room

I was exhausted trying to get everything done

Some days not wanting to do much of anything, thinking I was just taking a rare lazy day


Funny how we, as seminarians and clergy experience this

images (2)


There was so much chaos and suffering going on outside my window

People who were robbed of their loved ones in unjust ways

People robbed of their basic human rights


robbed of the one bright warmth who would open her arms and love us unconditionally


Dear Grief,

You are unwanted

You are unwelcomed

I choose to walk in the beauty of life eternal

and the warmness of her shadow, which always reflects her love for me.

Lape Bondye


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