At the Crossroads

Twilight within my heart

There is a chanting within my blood

There are voices raised

but you are not privy

There is a presence

but you are not aware

Aware of the heaviness that weighs

of the beauty

connected with the ancestors

in sacred spaces

All I want to do is dance

All I want is for these people to disperse

All I wanted to do

was remain on the floor

and hold her hand

All I’ve wanted

was to return to a time

when I was small

and she was full of life


full of life that is equal

Equal to how we fluidly came

into sacred spaces

Spaces that shift, move and breathe

Can’t you see the dew

Can’t you feel the wind

Can’t you hear the Creator’s calling

I guess that’s why we are here, right?10404448_10154861562655532_8486268226180457325_n

All we’ve ever wanted

is to be seen as full of ruach

of the essence of the Creator

in sacred spaces

Sacred in this room filled

Sacred outside on sidewalks

filled with people

People who raised their voices

People who perhaps don’t see me as different

Different because my skin is a memory of ancestry

Ancestry steeped in the rhythm

Rhythm of drums that still cause me to rise

Raise my head proudly

Proud because that is the crown of hope I carry

Carrying the stories of the divine imprint

fingerprint we all share

Sharing one body, one blood

is frightening to some

Because that means when they raise their fist

those weapons

Trying to erase their sins

looped over and again throughout the ages

The scars show up on different facesimagesferguson

But the pain is still ugly

ugliness in the fact of the demands to assimilate





Forgiving roots us in our

connection to the Divine

Divine Creator

Comforter of our Souls

Souls which are Black

because that is how the Creator painted us

From Blackness was Birthed

The Essence

The Life

Look, the Heavens are Cradled in Blacknesseca5f51f2aafc202c7d5f61bcd9e51ca

with reminders of the power of the Holy Spirit

Spirit sparkling as stars

Stars each illuminating

The Love that God has

This Blackness that God cradles us

We, too, God’s Creation





Magnifying who we are in each step

Steps of joy, of wonder

Steps running through fields

Steps running away from fear

Steps running to someone arms

Steps running into the veil

Because of GOD

They made a mistake

Because this life sometimes makes

folks run blindly

Blinded because they are blinded

Not seeing this child, that boy

that woman, this man

As their sisters and brothers

bonded by the BloodCivil rights protestors are attacked with a water cannon.

We are different from our journeys

Journeys that are winding






Reaching up from the floor

where we sat

holding her hand

as she lay dying

weeping, remembering

watching the dancing

of the saints and ancestors

surrounding the crossroads

where my Savior stood

who welcomes us home

who welcomes our presence

to stand at the crossroads

in the shadow

of the foolishness

of God


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