Life in Transition-There is a Beginning and an End


Sometimes the Holy Spirit does weigh heavily upon you.

I am experiencing the beginning of the end…

the end of not knowing who I am and

what the Creator has called me to be

the beginning of the eternal flame that is the Holy Spirit surrounding and immersed within me

almost not understanding, but in those moments where my spirit is exposed

the purpose repeatedly oozes over my skin and my being

and life as I know it will never be the same

it is the ending of who I am as just a Seminarian

and the beginning of stepping out covered in stardust

called to prophetically, unashamedly stand on the Word of God

to move, to breathe and to be

it is the beginning of the ending

how frightening to realize this is where I am called to be

When you raise your vision to the heavens and your soul weeps hearing the whispers of the Creator…

how fortunate you are to know

Sometimes the Call comes later

and when the Creator calls you into the darkness of transformation

emerging in the healing light of the Creator’s love

shrouded in an everlasting, beautiful Holy Spirit fire

your very being shall rejoice

those empty places within your soul are filled

overjoyed with the presence of God everywhere

my life transformed, and there is a beginning to the ending

weeping with stardust falling over me

and the Creator always on the horizon, smiling


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