The Beginning of Transformation: One Sermon to Go with the Road unfurling

GYPSYWOMAN - 20131104_204133


I am rather pleasantly surprised to see the circle of fellow travelers who peruse my blog..

For that, I am thankful.

For that, I thank all of you my readers.

My journey is ending and beginning all at once it seems.

If you are not aware, this blog has shared 

what the Good News of Jesus Christ has poured into who I am

and how the Holy Spirit fuels

So I am able to be in fellowship and worship 

in whatever community I have been embraced in.

The reality has been over this past year

Is that I have been in intentional community called Internship

And my time, as a Vicar and Intern Pastor comes to a close

But my return to familiar horizons of Seminary is to be a joyous one

There is still ministry to be done before I depart

There is exciting ministry awaiting me as i return

What never changes

Is my vocation and this Call

to the mission and purpose that the Creator has cradled in His hands

And poured carefully into my fragile hands


One more sermon to tackle

I hope those of you who are journeying along as I am

Questioning, struggling, striving, hoping

Will continue to with me

This last year of Seminary will be intense





But I am thankful

Because of what God has given to me.

Lape Bondye, God’s Peace.


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