The Question of Freedom in a State of Violence-Another no sermonizing week


The Table of Creation is broken.

“The table is broken by racial, gender, class and economic inequity; by persistent violence in our homes and our communities, a flawed immigration system and the stubborn persistence of poverty.” Rev. Stephen Boumann, ELCA

The place where we should be able to leave our burdens, our sins and our sorrows has been disrupted.

By identifying the Gospel of Jesus with a spirituality estranged from the struggle of justice, the church becomes an agent of injustice.” Dr. James Cone, Theology and the Black Experience

Those of us who have been called to a ministry of healing, whether it is pastoral or professional, carry this burden, stone by stone in our hands, because we do not know what else to do.

This past weekend, many of us in this country celebrated the birth and the beginning of our nation


How can we celebrate freedom, where there are many that are still enslaved in many deep, dark abysses right before our eyes?

A good friend and fellow Kenwood Academy alum takes on a heavy burden night after night, serving as a Chicago 911 dispatcher. Her Facebook post was full of sorrow and pain; I can not imagine what calls she has had to take, especially over this past couple of days.

Recently in the mail, as I continue to serve as Intern Pastor while my Internship Pastor is on Sabbatical, I received this10500450_10203379800388701_7077709808040009287_n

Two different worlds..

The problem with the two kingdom doctrine is that revolutionary dynamic discharged by the kingdom on the right hand, did not set off any explosions on the left hand.” Dr. Carl Braaten

Dr. Braaten’s words spill out onto the page from the turmoil of the 60’s into the turmoil of today. Luther would argue with him, I am sure.

But Luther seemingly was interested in order and patience from the oppressed.

We can not sit here and “hum” while children who are fleeing a horrific life in their native country of Mexico, of Cuba, of Haiti, of Syria, of Palestine are searching desperately for a place to call their own and for peace.

We can not sit here and be quiet, hoping and praying those who are in positions of power adjust the laws, so that the elitist and the wealthy profit and believe that they are in control of the masses.

We can not sit here and hope that things will get better IF we just pray about “those” people, that they will repent and just pull themselves up by their bootstraps…

That last phrase needs to be erased from every living human’s memory.

No one can pull themselves up by anything

If there is nothing for them to grasp onto.

God clearly is weeping, mourning those who have been lost.

Yet the Creator’s voice rings clearly to those whom the Creator has called to action-

For us to live out the commandments that we have been called to do-

Let your motto be resistance! resistance! resistance!”

As Rev. Stephen Boumann has stated time again, it is time for us as people of faith to reconnect-

To leave those places of comfort

and construct new Tables in the community

Tables where stories are told, and a meal is shared

Tables where people can begin to reconstruct their broken lives through love and grace

Tables where we see the reflection of the risen Christ in one another

And can begin a conversation around Forgiveness and Mercy

And have an opening, welcoming Table for all to grow, to live and to be the Children of the Creator

that God has called, willed and birthed us to be.

Lape Bondye

God’s Peace.









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