And now, a word from our Sponsor and a week of not Sermonizing: Sabbath

Hear me out

Seminary has been my Sabbath all of these years

It’s strange to even think it in that vein


The Creator calls upon us to keep the Sabbath Holy


Cradling close our connect with creation

Communing with the Divine

Keeping the Sabbath Holy


Respecting the stillness of life

Treasuring the moments

That we are present

Living our who we are, counter culturally


If there is the call to keep this time of discernment

Of climbing into the arms of the green goddesses

of running up that hill

And making a deal with God…

Then Seminary has been my Sabbath

Diverting from the normalcy of this routine journey

Finding my steps along and off the beaten pathway

Listening to the whispers of the winds

Running up that hill

With no problems…

Sabbath is being engaged, revived

And so

Seminary has removed me from the chaos of this world

It has transformed the stresses into stardust

That lifts along with the incense that flitters up

Along with my prayers

Beyond the horizon

Even through my tears

The risen Christ awaits and remains

Waiting for me to run up that hill

Even as this pathway, this vocation, this gift of life

Causes my feet to crumble sometimes

I still run up that hill

No deals need to be made

Because the Creator welcomes me

With no problem.



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