The Gospel of Truth

Grace and peace to you as we people of faith, continue to journey celebrating the resurrection, witnessing of the gift from God Our Creator, Jesus Christ, Our Risen Savior and Lord. Amen

Have you ever wondered how powerful words are-

That formed in the shape of a poem

A story

A Scripture

Reduces us to shameless weeping?

I must confess that there was some difficulty writing this sermon

Not because you could find me wearily hunched over my desk

Or holed up in my room

With commentaries and Greek Lexicons

And text study ala Skype

But because these words from Jesus Christ

Rattled the depth of my soul

Because of the questions that have been stirred

Because of my faith that has been shaken time and again

From the outside looking inward

We as children of the Creator

Appear to the rest of the world and to each other sometimes,

Rooted and grounded,

Confident and unshaken in our Faith

Proclaiming the power of God’s Mercy and Grace.

But we, my sisters and brothers in Christ

Confess in secret sacred spaces

That sometimes we are troubled in our hearts

That we are fearful of uncertainty

Because of the world mercilessly launching stone after stone

Landing where we stand

Bruising our very being

Wounding our very belief

And so we find ourselves curled into a ball

Trying to protecting ourselves from the very thing that threatens to pierce our faith

My brothers and sisters in Christ, there are so many things

That we could name

That reside in our hearts and in our minds

That can tear at the very fabric of whom God has created us to be

And yet there seems to be one common element

For us as humanity

Our collective fear is the finality of death

For us as people of faith

Our greatest question is the finality of death

And so this John 14 text is shared in those moments of loss and mourning

And as we continue to struggle along our faith journey

Those in the world who are lost in their own disarray and disorder

Bombard us from either side with painful words

Chiding us for our child-like faith

In belief of life ever lasting

But somewhere along our journey we hear these words from our Gospel of John text this morning,

“In My Father’s House…”

These words stood as an affirmation to the disciples hearing the teachings of Jesus Christ

And shakes us to our core

That what He has proclaimed

And what God, Our Creator has assured

That we will be welcomed home.

That in God’s House, where God’s dwells

God’s Love is endless!

God’s Arms to Hold Us, are endless!

The peace which passes all understanding, is endless!

Jesus shared with His Disciples

“And if I go and prepare a place for you

I will come again


What Good News!

What we would not give to have the opportunity

Of being in the presence of Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Lord in that moment

Even as His disciples gathered before Him

must have recognized the validity and the finality of His Words

And knowingly struggled between confusion and sorrow.

Just as with Dr. Martin Luther King’s Mountaintop Sermon

Before he was assassinated

This was Jesus’s final discourse.

And even as they had been witnesses to God’s Work

To Christ’s miracles

They were human.

They were filled with anxiety

The disciples were doubtful, not seeing the pathway that Jesus Christ had already formed for them

The disciples were blinded, not seeing the reflection of the Creator God before them in Jesus Christ

And so Jesus Christ declared to them

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

God’s Word hovers and travels out through the cosmos

Reflected back at us in the illumination of the night

Remains there as a reminder

That Because of Jesus Christ and of His sacrifice

That Death is NOT THE END

That in this LIFE, right now We Have HOPE


In this LIFE WE are called to LIVE not just for ourselves

But as an EXAMPLE of God’s Unfailing LOVE


That who Jesus Christ is, is Good News for our troubled hearts!

We beloved, are in good company

Because we are just as anxiety-filled as the disciples were in that moment

Because the complexity of God’s Word is cast out

And so therefore it lands at our feet

And gathering it close in our hands

The weight of what God’s word means

And the heaviness of the reality weights in our palms

and we cannot fathom how to translate God’s Word for God’s World

We are called children of God, called just as Jesus’s disciples were called

To share God’s Word

Yet we are at a loss of proclaiming Christ Crucified for all of God’s Creation

Because we stumble over the Scriptures

No one comes to the Father, except through Me.”

Wait, Jesus…we have questions.

We can’t profess that to our neighbor who is Jewish

To our co-worker who is Muslim

To our spouse who is Buddhist

To a stranger, who because of Christianity doctrines, rules; these laws which have been mangled in humanity’s hands

has left them in pain, wrung out empty!


To our friend who shouts at the top of their lungs

“A-HA! See? What kind of merciful God are you worshipping?

Who only offers salvation if you are a card carrying member?”

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

There are no restrictions, no limitations on who the risen Christ stands for

That is Good News

There are Scriptures who seemingly breathe new life because of what we as children of God are reminded:

All things came into being through him..What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.”

Jesus gave of His Life so that through Him was created the beloved community here and now

So that we as people of faith raise our voices for those who are hurting in our community

and those ostracized outside of our community by the world

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life

So that we, as people of God a time are empowered through the Holy Spirit to courageously speak truth when our neighbors are facing dire situations in this chaotic world

We as people of God have the strength because of who Christ is

To stand with the stranger who hides in our doorways, crumbled and  pleading for help;

Because we are of the beloved community, because of the power of God’s Word for all of Creation

We as children of God are called upon to stand firm and close the wounds of injustice torn apart by those who are misguided by greed

And yes, Jesus gave of His Life so that Jesus creates an everlasting, eternal place for us-

Not for some, not for those of a certain Christian denomination,

Not for the chosen people


The Good News of Jesus Christ is that God knows,

God understands

God walks with us in our struggles

Sometimes God’s Word comes to us, in those times when we need to hear it clearly

When we have wrestled, doubted and worried

God’s Word surrounds and fills us up

When we have been disappointed and abandoned by those in this life

And the reality of God’s Grace rattles our souls

Remaining with us, reducing us to joyous weeping

Because In My Father’s House

There is Peace, There is Love, Forevermore.

Thanks Be To God.


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