“Walking to Emmaus”

Grace and peace to you as people of faith, we continue this journey renewed in the hope of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Lord. Amen

 But we had hoped..”

Where do we find ourselves along the road to Emmaus…

And are we surprised that our own frustrated voices are reflected back at us

In the question of these two faithful disciples….

Because, seemingly nothing has changed

For 40 days we have delved deeply into Jesus Christ and His words

For 40 days we have gathered reflectively lighting candles

Writing prayers

Invoking the Holy Spirit in this place

Invoking the Holy Spirit’s presence wherever we traveled

For 40 days we have poured out of our hearts and minds

To one another

In the quietness of sacred spaces

even in social media

with snapshots of our lives mirrored along the Lenten journey

Or words of wisdom, mini devotions emulating of a meditative way of being

Weeping may last for a night

But joy comes in the morning

Or does it?

Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection was supposed to be the transformative catalyst into the world.

As a little girl growing up in Chicago, the sense Easter held for me…

…was in that moment

Everyone would cease looking inward

…and in that one day, Easter Sunday….

People of faith, humanity itself would begin to look outward at Christ’s   image imbedded into one another

And so every prayer, every vial of incense

every footstep along the labyrinth,

every foot washed, every sin absolved

Everything that we do to celebrate the risen Christ

Is to shift the atmosphere…..


The stains of despair and doubt, of destruction and of death

Still cling to this world

 Despair in the inequality of tribes and peoples

Not having the basic needs or the freedom to live

Doubt in the collective, corporate leadership of nations

Whose leaders refuse to abide by the creeds they have sworn to uphold

Destruction of ancient lands and of ancient creatures

Who have been swallowed in an abyss of greed and gluttony

Death that steals away from us the very innocence of lives

Throwing our entire existence into chaos

What difference has Jesus Christ’s sacrifice  impacted into this world….if death seemingly still has dominion?

Feasibly this could have been the tone of the conversation by these two disciples

Along the wild road of Emmaus

  Earlier in Luke we hear of the joy as these disciples, possibly part of the seventy

Had been a witness to the power of Jesus Christ

Lord in your name, even the demons submit to us!”

These disciples had been empowered to go out

To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ among their brothers and sisters

And now, they wander along as the road unfurls before their footsteps

Not understanding

Because this path, this following of Jesus Christ

Pouring their hearts into this mission and ministry

Has now floated aimlessly down a decreasingly drying riverbed

Straining out what their hopes had been emotionally



But we had hoped that he would be the one to redeem Israel.”

And hidden from their sight, this stranger’s response to them is harsh..

Oh how foolish you are and how slow of heart….”

The Greek word for heart is kardia, meaning

The heart, inner self, will…

                                                                          the center and seat of spiritual life

Oh how foolish you are and how slow of….


In one of his sermons, St. Augustine seems to echo these words

O my dear disciples, you had hoped? So now you no longer hope?

                                               Look Christ is alive! Is hope dead in you?”

Christ is indeed alive, but sometimes this world can rob us of all hope

Leaving us dazed and confused

Emptying from our core

Our Faith

To where we are withering, waiting,



For something of substance to fill up within us those places

That cry out for healing and wholeness

And God hears that cry

And the Good News Is..

Because God loves us no matter whether our hearts are overflowing

Or whether we are running on empty

God, Our Creator shares with us Jesus Christ

His sacrifice of body and blood

In the bread and wine

At the Table

This is why EVERY TIME the people of God gather

To hear the Word of God

To be filled with GOOD NEWS

My sisters and brothers in Christ

All of us, should be at the Table

It is here that we are reminded what Jesus Christ shares with us

No matter who we are

Or even how we struggle with doctrines

It is beneath this cross

That we are one, united, the same

Receiving the Gift of Life

The Good News of Jesus Christ is that Christ meets us along the roads of our journey,

With the purpose of reviving and renewing, with sharing the resurrected glory

When we need it the most…

Because we come to the Table, broken and thirsty

Because we are slow of heart, of faith

Because 239 young women are missing in Nigeria

Because over 200 young adults were lost in the seas off of South Korea

And nameless, faceless lives are lost in an economic desolation all over this country

And because we have lost a loved one so tragically…

And we are lost, because we don’t think that our voice matters

But when Jesus Christ meets us on that road

And shares with us FREELY of HIMSELF




RENEWED in our Faith to go…

 Run and tell that-

Every yoke is destroyed

Every chain is broken

Our worship and our praise is shifting the atmosphere

Till the heavens are open

This praise is shifting

Shifting the atmosphere 

Thanks Be To God.


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