United and Not in Anger…

Why can not people see outside their horizon of vision at what God has in store for them?

Monday morning I awoke to disturbing news: One of my classmates had been reported missing by his family:


Our Seminary community has ebbed and flowed into a close-knit caring community of Seminarians and educators who are connected because how the trees have swayed and spoken to our spirits from God who has called us to this ministry. We struggle and laugh and learn no matter where we walk from in our common journey of spirituality. When one of us suffers, it all impacts us.

As news and social media began to unravel this story, and as members of the community shared this many asked “What we could do?” What could we do but come together as brothers and sisters in Christ and pray, and so I asked and organized a prayer vigil for Monday evening. I sent word out to our local churches, as well as listserves of fellow/former seminarians now pastors and Churchwise, our national church body.

I asked for prayers.

One former seminarian posted this after stating she would pray “There is a lot of depression at LSTC.”

Depression lurks and seeps into various gardens in this life. Teachers are depressed at the bureocracy they face in their schools and the lack of parential involvement in their classrooms; Police officers and firefighters are despondent because of the horrors of what we as human beings do to each other on a daily basis; Pastors and church leaders are trapped in despair because of that lack of love in this world and because of the pain that comes crashing through their doors and how inefficient pastoral care band aids sometimes are.

We as seminarians are bogged down with massive loan debit, with essays proving that we are worthy of the call God has set before us; papers and balancing job and study life; stresses of families that we must care for. Sometimes we retreat into safe, silver bubbles where no one can reach or speak or harm us; we forget to extend a loving hand to those around us who are experiencing the same suffering; we do not practice self care.

To say that there is a lot of depression within our community is false-for where there is darkness, candles carried by loving hands are lit. People are prayed over and for; tears are shed and those who feel as if no one hears, they are heard. We join in one strong voice asking the power of the Holy Spirit to descend, to envelop and to drown our sorrows so that we are once more able to walk in the light, passing the peace to others and infecting all with God’s Good News and Grace.

That comment made me understandably angry. There is nothing that I can do to erase perhaps our church’s not thinking outside the box with her specific call BUT listening to the winds which pour love from the eternal Valley and rain down upon our heads, we formulate how we can continue God’s mission for us in new and different ways.

There is a reason why He has called us, all of us to doing His Will and mission. We must remove the rose colored fabric from our gaze and be vulnerable to the piercing light of Heaven.


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