Being Flexible in the Holy Spirit

Writing has been a way of expressing my Gypsy spirit….

Words have always been a vehicle for those who feel that their voice only explodes in daffodil petals in the wee hours of a beginning dawn; that the wind carries one’s passions away from those that it could impact. There have been times that I have felt I had no purpose or meaning; that I was just another strange child mixed up in the cosmos.

I have found that through my words, my dreams and aspirations; my anger and frustration; my love and my heart firmly are rooted along with the green goddesses which sprout outside my window. Pouring my weaknesses into fragile paper and pen allows me to focus what my soul is needing to the core, and allows me to each rising beautiful moon to grow stronger, as the Mother of Us all continues to cradle us in Her arms. I have found that I celebrate my ancestry and those who await me in the Valley, cheering me on with eternal drums, as I stand as a testament of how proud and regal our people can be.

Writing is an essential part of who I am and who God, my Creator, my Father and my everything has called His Gypsy child to be.


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